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Full Harvest Moon: The Fires of Passion in Action

The Full Harvest Moon goes exact at 5:05pm ET on Thursday, October 1st, 2020.

This Full Moon in Aries ignites the Fires of Ambition, stoking the Flames of Passion, and Lighting the Way for us to take action on our greatest desires and intended pursuits in the world.

Aries is symbolically represented by the Ram. This sure-footed, head-strong, burly beast gives us the power to defend ourselves while pushing forward. Aries gives us the energy and optimism to get started on our chosen path, to act on ambitions, defend our positions, and courageously be the leader of our own lives.

The time is ripe to go for the gold, fulfill your longings, and live out your dreams. Act with courage, independence and optimism. Use this rush of energy to your advantage and move.

The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, known as God of War known for it's influence over how we go after what we want in life, how we compete for our piece of the pie, how we defend our rights, how we express ourselves in the world and how we handle conflict or confrontation.

Mars doesn't just rule the battle scene, however. This fiery planet plays out in the bedroom as well, acting on our sex drive, ruling our primal passions and erotic impulses.

Be careful though, in it's negative aspect this energy can show up as a short-temperament, impatience, impulsiveness, anger, aggression, or outrage. You can see Mars energy emphasized within the competitive mind-set which leads to conquering or dominating others. It can also manifest as the momentum to initiate new beginnings, but lacks the dedication to follow through to the finish.

In the Sky Realms, Mars circles around the Sun along with Venus and Mercury. Due to their rather quick orbits around the Sun, they are known as the “inner planets.” In Astrology, it is suggested that the energy of Venus (being the Planet of Love and more Feminine in Nature) is said to balance out the “war” like Nature of Mars. And this is the point that Aires provides for us now: The Key to Creating Harmony lies within the Balance of Life.

This point is emphasized by the very Nature of Aires and what makes a ram a ram. The two horns rising from the iconic head literally Spiral through Space and Time. They are separate from one another, but equally balanced, and together they create a force around the whole. Without one, the other would not be so effective, and either would the Ram.

Horns are powerful symbols in and of themselves. They suggest strength, might, courage, beauty, grandeur and decisive leadership. Spiritually, they hold the quality of Creativity, Wild Wisdom, and Spiritual Insight, bridging the worlds between Heaven and Earth.

Together, as we Raise our Might in the Harvest Moon Light, may we realize the Balance needed within all Acts of Creation. May we Celebrate Ourselves as the Rich Cornucopia of Love, Value, Strength and Nourishment that each one of us brings to the table. As we move head-strong in the direction of our Dreams, may we prevail knowing that the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets and all of the Earth have been guiding our way forward.

Be one with the vast Richness of Life and enjoy this Harvest Moon.

So Much Love, Hannah Donkersloot

Creative Spirit, Mystic & Muse at Natural Mystic Arts

Co-Founder, Yoga Teacher & Guide at NATURA Journeys

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