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The Alchemy of Spiritual Healing

Free Guidebook By Hannah Donkersloot

Spiritual Healing has ancient roots that date back to the first spiritual practices found in Shamanic cultures around the world. From these ancient roots we find an array of spiritual paths branching into various forms and functions. From mainstream religions to new age teachings, old folk magic, sacred myths and timeless tales of the mystical, life holds a variety of ways to engage with Spirit and the Power of the Universe.


Today, we see a huge return to the Spiritual Practices of Yoga, Tantra, Shamanism, Mystical Dance, Art, Energy Healing and Spiritual Alchemy. The teachings, practices, and methodologies that all these Spiritual Arts and Sciences have in common are the foundational concept of Soul and the goal of uniting the practitioner back to the Source of Creation.

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A Ritual For New Beginnings

A FREE Mini-Course to Initiate Powerful New Beginnings

Life always presents us with opportunities to start over. At the beginning of each New Year we set strong intentions, our New Year’s Resolutions, for where we want to go, who we want to be, what we want to create in our lives, how we want to show up, prosper, and live.

Each new month also gives us opportunities to begin a new, start fresh, and re-align with the dreams and desires we hold in our heart. Every Lunar Cycle also grants us the possibility to reconnect with our most authentic selves, to attune to our soul’s wisdom and begin again.

And, even more importantly, every new day is an offering to recreate how we think, feel, and choose to act in the world.

The truth is, each moment holds this potential, it is embedded in the fabric of our existence as the breath we receive and release. And here is the magic woven within each new beginning.

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Durga Devotional

Navaratri: Tantric Awakening Journey

Take a Journey through The 9 Nights of Navaratri in Celebration of the Hindu Mother Goddess known as Durga. Explore Goddess Myth, Sacred Symbolism, Tantric Teachings and Ancient Practices to Invoke, Activate and Embody Maha Shakti in Her limitless expressions.

This Tantric Awakening Journey is FREE. 

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Higher Self Activation Journey

Activate Your Divine Self

The Higher Self is your Divine Self, it is beyond this lifetime, beyond our personality or ego, beyond conditions. The Higher Self is linked to the Source of All Creation. It is one with God, Source, the Divine. The Higher Self is your God-Self.

When we align with our Higher Self and learn to listen to the language of our Soul we can attune to the Truth that sets our Spirit Free and allows us to create from pure Cosmic Consciousness with the support of Universal Wisdom, Love, and Power.

Sourced By Soul Mystery School
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