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Take a Divine Journey Into the Infinite Realms of Spirit

Welcome to the Higher Self Activation Journey with

Transformational Guide Hannah Donkersloot.

It is such an honor to journey with you into the infinite realms of Spirit, back home to our most Sacred Self, the Higher Self, our True Divine Nature. This is the aspect of you that is beyond time and space, beyond your body and perceived limitations. 

The Higher Self is your Divine Self, it is beyond this lifetime, beyond our personality or ego, beyond conditions. The Higher Self is linked to the Source of All Creation. It is one with God, Source, the Divine. The Higher Self is your God-Self.

When we align with our Higher Self and learn to listen to the language of our Soul we can attune to the Truth that sets our Spirit Free and allows us to create from pure

Cosmic Consciousness with the support of Universal Wisdom, Love, and Power.

Our Higher Self is Always in
Relationship to the Divine

Being in connection with and aligned to our Higher Self brings countless blessings and opportunities to activate and create our greatest potential for this lifetime and others.


Our Higher Self knows exactly what we came here for, the lessons our Soul needs to learn, as well as the limitless possibilities available to us when we surrender to the Divine Love, Wisdom and Power that is our True Nature.


When we journey within to reconnect through sacred practice and soulful communion with our Higher Self we can harness the power of our Soul’s knowing.

We can receive blessings and Spiritual guidance to best honor our own paths and the choices we need to make in our everyday. We can tune into our Greatest Potentials, activate our highest expression, and rise as the limitless beings of love and light that we are.


Dive Into the Infinite

During this Higher Self Activation Journey, we will be going deep into the Inner Realms to activate and integrate our Spiritual Power, Creative Potential, Innate Gifts, Intuitive Perceptions, and Divine Wisdom.

Each session will begin with a short training video and introduction to the journey ahead followed up by a Guided Activation. The Guided Activations are offered in both video and MP3 format. These Guided Activations build on one another and are meant to be experienced as a series. 

Each Activation lays foundational aspects of the Journey towards Union with your Higher Self.

Feel free to spend as much time as needed with each Activation to deepen, explore, and integrate the journey fully before moving onto the next.

Allow each experience time to settle into your system and fully activate to truly open up to the magic of this transformational process as we weave a new reality into being.


During this Higher Self Activation Journey You Will:

  • Journey into the Inner Realms of Spirit to Create a Sanctuary for Your Soul

  • Learn to Harness the Power of your Creative Spirit and Fine-Tune Your Inner Compass

  • Cultivate Your Visionary Powers and Intuitive Guidance

  • Awaken, Activate, and Align you with the Highest Frequency of Divine Love, Light, Wisdom and Power

  • Open to Receive Divine Insight, Wisdom, Healing and more…

  • Learn to Source from Soul as you Recreate Your Reality in Alignment with your Greatest Dreams

The Higher Self Activation Journey Includes:

  • 4 Training Videos to prepare for each Activation. 

  • 4 Guided Activations to Awaken, Activate, and Align you with the Highest Frequency of Divine Love, Light, Wisdom and Power (Available in both video and MP3 downloads.) 

  • Journal Reflection exercises to Integrate and Deepen after each Activation Journey. 

  • 2.5 Hours of on demand video within the Higher Self Activation Journey Online Portal

Start Your Journey Today for Just



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