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Tantra Yoga Retreat
November 26th to December 2nd, 2023
Montezuma, Costa Rica

Take a Divine Journey through the Alchemical Arts of Tantra, Yoga and Goddess Magic.
Inspire as you Rewire in connection to Source and Soul as we delve into Spiritual Practices to Activate, Liberate, and Express the Divine Feminine as She lives and breathes through you.



“In essence, yoga teaches that Shakti is the energy within everything. And yet, there’s an aspect of Shakti that remains hidden until it is awakened through yoga or some other means: Shakti that specifically governs our spiritual evolution. This aspect of Shakti—or Kundalini—is the secret force that evolves your consciousness and opens the doorways into your soul.”
-Sally Kempton

Take a Divine Journey through the Alchemical Arts of Tantra, Yoga and Goddess Magic.

Inspire as you Rewire in connection to Source and Soul as we delve into Spiritual Practices to Activate, Liberate, and Express the Divine Feminine as She lives and breathes through you.

Tap into the Majesty of Self as you become a channel for the Power of Shakti to Flow through you.

Alchemize and Rise as you Activate and Liberate your Inner Goddess in Connection to Source.



For me, yoga is a way of life. It’s a journey that guides the Soul through the many layers of being, to the core of the essential self. During that journey, we begin to shed old skins and false identities, we conquer limiting beliefs and begin to understand just how powerful we are as a force of creation in the world.

Yoga is a practice that goes way beyond the mat, or studio, or retreat center. It goes deep to the center of the self and how we think, feel, act, and create in this world in every moment of our lives.

The practices and teachings of yoga have endured the trials of the ages and stood the tests of time and are still actively used today with increasingly awe-inspiring results. The power of a committed practice yields phenomenal results for the dedicated practitioner.

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Alchemy is an Ancient Science and Mystical Art shrouded in Mystery, Esoteric Symbolism, Spiritual Archetypes, Hermetic Teachings, and Magical Practices.

In essence, Alchemy is a process of distillation, purification, and transmutation in pursuit of the primordial essence, the elixir of life, and the Divine Wisdom of the “Philosopher’s Stone.” 

Alchemical practices were aimed at the extraordinary, turning base metals into gold, creating immortality, actualizing sacred wisdom, distilling the first matter into pure essence.

When we look at the Alchemical Arts as methods for transmutation and purification, we can easily recognize how the processes correlate to the Spiritual Evolution of Human Consciousness.

The timeless hermetic adage “as within so without” reveals the greater work of the Alchemist. During this Alchemical Goddess Tantra Yoga Retreat we become the Alchemists of our Souls.

Our bodies are the laboratory. The elements of fire, water, earth, air, and space all exist within as Shakti.

The inner work is the process of transmuting the lower frequencies, transforming the dense conditioning of our past into the radiant light of the Soul.

We become the gold of our pure potential, enlightened by the Divinity within.

In this Journey we dive into the Alchemical Arts through the practices of Yoga, Tantra, & Goddess Rituals for healing, transformation, transmutation, and purification.

We will explore Myths and Archetypes in conjunction with Spiritual transmutation to liberate mind, body, spirit, and emotions for whole soul healing, purification and illumination.



Many of Most Powerful Deities Were Goddesses

"In a world of unfathomable mysteries, the vision of the goddess personifies the qualities that attract us to nature’s boundless wealth: beauty, power and grace. Throughout time, humans have perceived a personal presence behind the forces of nature and identified them as gods or goddesses. Prior to recorded history, female figurines, ripe with creative power, were among the first sacred objects fashioned by human hands. Ancient societies often found a dominant place for the feminine in their sacred lore. And many of their most powerful deities were goddesses."

– Krishna Dharma, Beauty, Power and Grace: The Book of Hindu Goddesses 


“Tantra is the science of expanding the consciousness and liberating the energy. Tantra is the way to attain freedom from the bondage of the world while still living in it. The first step in tantra is to know the limitations and capacities of the body and mind. Next it prescribes techniques for the expansion of consciousness and the liberation of energy whereby individual limitations are transcended and a higher reality experienced.”  – Swami Satyananda Saraswati



Tantriks seek liberation through expansion.

Tantric practices are designed to realize through experience that everything is divine and connected. Tantra arose in reaction to patriarchy, dualism, and atheism. 

A key philosophy of Tantra is nondualism, or the idea that “one’s true essence exists in every particle of the universe.” Practices include pranayama, mantra, mudra, yantra meditation, and ritual.

Tantra is the art and science of spiritual expansion and soul liberation. It is a path towards the ultimate freedom, knowing thy Self and Union with the Divine.

Tantra is many, many things, but Tantra is not a religion. It is a spiritual science with ancient roots that gave birth to many practices designed to free the practitioner from suffering, harmonize mind, body, and spirit, evolve one’s consciousness beyond limits and egoic constraints, and liberate the soul.

Tantra is a process of inner alchemy in which we continually refine and purify the essence of all that we are. This includes our thought patters, beliefs, actions, ect. 

Most of us have been taught that Heaven is a place above and beyond this world. Tantra teaches us that Heaven can be accessed here on Earth, in this lifetime, in your body.

It’s a love story between the polarities, or dualities of the Universe. It’s marriage between opposing forces, a path to the middle ground, a sacred union where two become one.

In Tantra we recognize that everything is sacred and part of the one, infinite, cosmic soul constantly evolving through the processes of life, death, and rebirth.

In Tantra we know we are not separate from the Source of All Creation but are one and the same. We hold the Divine Energy of Shakti and the Divine Consciousness of Shiva.



Shakti refers to Energy, Power and the Vital Force. Shakti is the Feminine energy of Creation. She is the whole of the Cosmos, all the elements, the stars, from the single atom to a thought wave, Shakti is the Divine Mother, the Earth, Nature, Prakriti, Matter, the manifestation of power that fuels the All of All.

Everything you sense, and experience, everything you embody and express, everything you dream and create is SHAKTI. Shakti transforms the light of the Sun into the foods you eat. Shakti is the lifeforce that beats your heart, fills your breath, and transmutes the prana of the universe into the powers that flow within and without. Shakti is the Goddess and she is also every Goddess. She is the energy that binds Spirit into matter and creates life anew.

Shiva is her Divine Masculine counterpart and symbolizes the Sacred Awareness,  Consciousness, the Spirit present in all things. Shiva represents the unchangeable, immutable, unlimited Supreme Imagination, universal mind, Purusha.  Shiva is the Eternal Witness, the Constant Presence beyond thought, beyond form, beyond time and space. Shiva is the omnipotent omnipresence, the everlasting field of awareness that expands beyond the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Shiva is the pillar of Light. Shiva is the unending flow of wisdom.  Shiva is the sacred presence of the Higher Self.



In the Temple of Lakshmi you will:

  • Invoke and embody the divine riches that are your birthright.

  • Release the false narratives that keep you from claiming and receiving the wealth, health, and divine prosperity that you desire.

  • Attune to the Cosmic Frequency of Abundance as you raise your vibe and begin to walk the path of beauty, love, and limitless wealth.



In the Temple of Kali you will:

  • Call upon the wild woman within you as you embody the fierce feminine power of the Dark Goddes Kali.

  • Learn to transmute fears and false beliefs into empowerment as you light the fires of transformation and burn through blocks.

  • Rise from the ashes of your old stories as you shift into new realms of Freedom and possibility.



In the Temple of Saraswati you will:

  • Open up to Divine Guidance and Cosmic Wisdom as a channel for inspiration and creativity to flow.

  • Connect with Source as you attune your Temple to the Song of Soul and express your magic into the world.

  • Gain insight, clarity, and deeper understanding of your role in this Divine play of life. Activate your purpose as you align with your Dreams.  



The Union of Shiva and Shakti is the Eternal Dance of Creation. From the micro-cosmic cellular level that gave birth to you, to the macro-cosmic scale of the birth of the Cosmos, the Eternal Love that is God/Goddess is all encompassing, infinite and absolute.

The paths of Yoga & Tantra are a journey of awakening to these Cosmic Forces of Creation. We practice to cleanse, purify, and transmute lower frequencies of energy that exist within the various layers of our being so we can awaken to and integrate the divine powers of our spiritual energy and higher consciousness. The path to enlightenment is an inner path of alchemical transformation in which we must become the masters of our inner domain, to properly contain, sustain, protect and direct the powers of our Divine Nature.



3 Transformational Workshops:

During our Alchemical Goddess Tantra Yoga Retreat, you have the opportunity to participate in three Transformational Workshops.

  1. Awakening Shakti:

In this two-hour transformational workshop, we will invoke the Power of Shakti as the force of Kundalini and explore her journey of awakening through the Chakras from Root to Crown. We will use traditional tantra and yoga practices to activate Shakti within the body and express her currents of creative energy through us. We will look at the many faces of Shakti and how she reveals herself in the natural world and through our human experience.

We will journey with Shakti into Shamanic Dance as a practice to fully activate, liberate, and cultivate the Power of Shakti within and through us. Lastly, our Awakening Shakti workshop concludes with a Creative Art exercise to channel and crystalize the potency of ourselves as embodiments of Shakti.

2. Awakening Shiva

In this two-hour transformational workshop, we will invoke Shiva as Supreme Consciousness. We will explore the relationship between Shiva & Shakti, or Consciousness and Energy as defined by Traditional Tantra. We will explore the “7 Laws of Success”, as given by Shiva, and learn about Shiva as the “Wild Yogi” and his “Dance of Destruction.”

We will use traditional tantra and yoga practices to activate Shiva within and open our minds into vast awareness. We will explore awakening Shiva through Shamanic Dance as a practice to fully activate, liberate, and cultivate the Power of Shiva within and through us. Lastly, our Awakening Shiva workshop concludes with a Creative Art exercise to channel and crystalize the potency of ourselves embodying Shiva.

3. Awakening Divine Union

Our final two-hour transformational workshop concludes with uniting the energy of Shakti with the Consciousness of Shiva, awakening to the Divine Union of our inner masculine and feminine power. In this workshop we will explore the practices of Tantric Alchemy and the inner marriage of fire and flow, purusha and prakriti, consciousness and energy.

We will journey with Shiva and Shakti united as one through Shamanic Dance as a practice to fully activate, liberate, and cultivate the Power of Divine Union within and through us.

Lastly, our workshop concludes with a Creative Art exercise to channel and crystalize the potency of ourselves as embodiments of Divine Union.



-Awaken the Power of Shakti as you Become a channel for the Divine.

Know Goddess as the Power and Force of Creation, Preservation, and Destruction.

-Deepen into the Myth, Archetypes, and Frequencies of Wealth, Wisdom, and Wild Transformation.

-Meet the Holy Trinity of Devi in her expression as Lakshmi, Kali, and Saraswati.

-Shift from lack and limitation as you unlock abundance codes and your creative potential as you journey with Lakshmi the Goddess of Wealth, Beauty, Love and Abundance.

-Release fears and negative ways of being as you transform dark into light with Goddess Kali, She who destroys ignorance, evil, false perceptions, and the masks of ego.

-Rise into your Creatrix Power and Divine Expression as you attune to the Sacred Source of Inspiration, Flow, Celestial Wisdom, and the Arts as you unite with Saraswati, the Goddess of Wisdom and Art.

-Learn the elements of Tantra and Yoga to connect with Source and Alchemize the dross of old stagnant energy into the fuel and power for your Divine Ascension.

-Connect with others in a sacred container to Nurture, Grow, Revive and Revitalize feeling deeply supported as you Harmonize Mind, Body and Spirit

-Explore the beauty and Pure Vibrations of lush living in the tropical paradise and exotic wonderland of Costa Rica 

-Alchemize, Rise, and Shine the Light of your inner Radiance into the World!



-6 Goddess Flows to awaken, empower, and ignite Shakti. These morning yoga flows are a fusion of Vinyasa, Hatha, Deity Yoga and Tantric Ritual to Awaken, Align and Alchemize the energy of Mind, Body, and Spirit in Relationship to Goddess.  

-4 Evening Restorative Yoga Sessions to Deepen, Integrate, and Revitalize. Journey deeper into the depths of Self as you Soften and Surrender.

-3 Transformational Tantric Workshops to Awaken Shakti, Shiva, and their Divine Union within. Invoke and Embody the Power of Shakti. Awaken and Align to the Supreme Consciousness of Shiva. Alchemize the Divine Union of God & Goddess in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

-3 Daily healthy gourmet meals, snacks and 

-Luxurious Spa services to pamper and renew

-Epic views and amazing accommodation

-Optional Eco-Adventures, Horseback riding, Surf lessons, and other activities

-Priceless moments, new friends, and extraordinary experiences



Is for you if...

-You feel inspired by Yoga, Tantra, and the Spiritual Arts and want to learn more.

-You are ready for a Deep Release and a Whole Soul Reset, to re-align with the Divine and Remember the Sacred Reality that is always available within.

-You are pulled to realize Shakti as the Divinity that lives and breathes through you and the entire Cosmos and are open to rediscover and reconnect with Goddess as a Source for Power, Love, & Wisdom.

-You feel a need to shift limiting beliefs and stagnant energy and open to the infinite flow of Wealth and Abundance with Goddess Lakshmi as a guide.

-You know you have the power to create true change within and are called to awaken the Transformative Powers of Goddess Kali as an ally in your Alchemical Transmutation.

-You are inspired to connect with the Divine Wisdom and become a channel for unlimited Creativity and Inspiration with Goddess Saraswati as your muse.

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Montezuma, Costa Rica

Anamaya is a Boutique Hotel and transformational Health Resort in one of the world’s most beautiful and charming beach towns, Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Anamaya means “good health” in Sanskrit and during these challenging times, that is more important than ever. At Anamaya, the safety of our guests, and creating a space for healing and relaxation is top priority. 

Anamaya is a place to de-stress, and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Anamaya is nestled into the Jungle, overlooking breathtaking ocean views. Anamaya offers organic gourmet meals, a variety of luxurious spa services, specialized workshops, Costa Rican excursions, and more.

Learn More
Anamaya-Resort-Reading-Area - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg


Whatever You Need

​From the moment of your arrival, you’ll know you’ve found a very magical place and during your stay at Anamaya, you’ll discover more about the true gifts of life, about yourself, and a few secrets about longevity.

Rest and recharge at Anamaya. Our rooms are all uniquely designed using non-toxic materials and organic fabrics.

Enjoy the comfort and incredible views... along with prices to suit everyone’s budget.



Individualized Pricing & Accommodation Options to meet Your Needs

The price of your retreat starts with your BASE RATE (which includes your accommodations and meals). Yoga Classes, Excursions, workshops, and other add-ons you choose to customize your week will be added to your final bill at Anamaya. 

At Anamaya we have 15 lovely rooms to choose from that are all unique, eclectic and beautiful. Your accommodation price is based on how many people you share the room with.  You get to decide if you want more of a communal room or private room. 

These per person base rates include 7 nights accommodation and 3 delicious healthy meals (plus a daily snack) per day.  As much of our food as possible is grown at our organic farm and it’s all gluten and dairy free with vegetarian and vegan options. We don’t serve red meat, but do have fresh local fish and chicken.


Most of our guests can’t believe how delicious it is while still being healthy and without gluten or dairy.  The food is definitely a highlight of the Anamaya experience! 

Dorm Rate:
$795 / $995
per week (plus tax).

We have two lovely “dormitory style” rooms at Anamaya that accommodate 5 women. Both Dorms have stunning ocean views, are a great option for solo travelers and are for women only.


Triple Rate:
$945 / $1,195
per week (plus tax).

We have three rooms at Anamaya that accommodate 3 people… including our amazing treehouse! Each with amazing ocean views that will take your breath away.  Our triple rooms are for women only.  

Double Rate:
$1,095 / $1,395
per week (plus tax).

Choose one of our beautiful double occupancy cabanas, each with epic views and private bathrooms. These rooms are perfect for couples or BFFs, mother & daughter, etc.  They are only booked in pairs.  

Single Deluxe:
$1,645 / $1,995
per week (plus tax).

Enjoy everything Anamaya has to offer AND have one of our beautiful deluxe cabanas all to yourself.


Please Note....


  • These per person base rates listed above include one week of accommodations (Sat – Sat) and three mouth-watering meals per day.

  • 13% Tax will be added.

  • Classes, workshops, spa treatments, alcoholic drinks or other “extras” are not included in the price.

  • Yoga Classes – we offer 1.5 hr Vinyasa Flow classes 6 mornings a week and 1 hr Yin/Restorative classes 4 afternoons a week, for $15/each. 

  • Each Workshop will be approximately 2 hours. Price for individual workshop: $75, Price for all 3 workshops: $150

For more information on Room Options, Tours, and Package Pricing please reach out. Anamaya is a smaller sized boutique resort. Yoga Retreats book up fast! Save your spot by filling out a reservation request form today.



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