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Visionary Artist, E-RYT 500 Hour Yoga Instructor, & Transformational Guide

Hannah Donkersloot is the Creatrix and Founder of Sourced By Soul, NATURA Journeys & The Natural Mystic Arts.

She offers Transformational Journeys and Mind, Body, Spirit Retreats for Empowered Living, Soul Expansion and Spiritual Liberation.

Hannah teaches the Spiritual Arts and Sciences as a Certified E-500 RYT Yoga Instructor, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Energy Healer, Divine Feminine Priestess, ChakraDance Facilitator, and Transformational Life Coach.

Hannah lives in Costa Rica exploring the Roots and Wings of Soul, Consciousness as a Creative Force in the World, and the Natural Beauty and Abundance of Life.

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From Small town Roots to Cosmic Wings

Hannah was raised in a small village in Southwest, Alaska. She grew up along the Naknek River, known for its World Class Wild Salmon Fishery, thriving Grizzly Bear population, and the expanse of Arctic Tundra that surrounds the area.

Enduring the extremes of long, cold, dark winters and the hard, intense work of lasting summer days, instilled a sense of deep respect and love for the wild world, testing Strenth of Will, Adaptability, Independence and Vision. At the same time, life in an isolated, rural arcti village sparked her desire for Adventure and Creative Expression, encouraging Boundless Dreaming a Rich Imagination and the Power of Spirit.

In College, Hannah studied Art in its various forms of expression including modern dance, theatre, art history, photography, music, drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics. She graduated from the Univeristy of Montana in 2007 with a Fine Arts Degree and Minor in Biology.

Hannah also studied Natural Horsemanship and spent years after college pursuing her passion to work with horses. She traveled the World fulfilling her dreams, learning the Art of Horsemanship while emersing herself in exotic lands, new cultures, and foreign languages.

Hannah lived and worked in Hawaii, New Zealand, Egypt, and Australia learning various styles of Life and Horsemanship. During this Global Immersion, she took her journey to Sea, learning to SCUBA Dive along the Great Barrier Reef and the Fiji Islands.

She also developed a taste for the Spiritual, exploring the Ancient Pyramids and Temples of Egypt, venturing through the Sacred Chappels and Cathedrals of Paris, and touring old Castles and Relics from her very own Ancestral Heritage near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Hannah moved to Costa Rica in 2011 and began her deep dive into the Spiritual Arts and Sciences. Over the years, she became a Certified Yoga Instructor, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Energy Healer, Priestess of the Divine Feminine, ChakraDance Facilitator, Visionary Artist, and Transformational Life Coach.

Hannah offers in person Events, Workshops, Wellness Retreats, and Creative Spirit Journeys within Costa Rica. Most recently, she is bringing her teachings and expertise to the online world (coming soon.)



My lifepath of Freedom has allowed me the privilege of living all over the world, doing the things I am most passionate about, and learning to trust the energy of my Heart Wings to journey through life with grace and ease, even in the midst of uncertainty, life challenges, and unforeseen obstacles.

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Yoga is a journey that guides the Soul through the many layers of being, to the core of the essential self. During that journey, we begin to shed old skins and false identities, we conquer limiting beliefs and begin to understand just how powerful we are as a force of creation in the world.

Yoga is a practice that goes way beyond the mat, or studio, or retreat center. It goes deep to the center of the self and how we think, feel, act, and create in this world in every moment of our lives.

The practices and teachings of yoga have endured the trials of the ages and stood the tests of time and are still actively used today with increasingly awe-inspiring results. The power of a committed practice yields phenomenal results for the dedicated practitioner.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

-Albert Einstein

If you can dream it you can do it...
Anything is possible!



10+ Years Teaching Experience

I’ve been teaching the Spiritual Arts and Sciences for over a decade now as a way to transform and heal my own life, and empower others to do the same. Through the practices of Yoga, Shamanism, Reiki, Tantra and Sacred Dance I know intimately what it takes to truly shift our perspectives, re-write our stories, heal from past trauma, root deep into source and rise into the infinite realms of Soul.

  • E-RYT 500 Hour Yoga Instructor 

  • Certified Transformational Life Coach

  • Certified Shamanic Practitioner & Healer

  • Certified Shamanic Art & Art Therapy for Life Coaches

  • Priestess of the Divine Feminine

  • Chakra Dance Facilitator

  • Reiki Energy Healer Levels 1 & 2

  • Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts & Minor in Biology from University of Montana

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Anything is possible.

I’ve lived dream after dream, and even through a few nightmares too. Being able to fulfill one soul-aligned desire after another has given me the gift of knowing that anything is possible when we stay true ourselves, open to the mystery, and are willing to take leaps of faith into the unknown.

Often it is these leaps of faith which reveal to us the next step, or landing point for the Universe to deliver the most potent ride of our lives and keep us flying on wings of love.

When we let go and allow ourselves to be guided by Spirit, trusting in the Divine, and begin to walk the path towards our dreams miracles will begin to manifest.

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We Always Have a Choice

I stand for Freedom for all Souls to live in alignment with their highest desires and spiritual truths. Freedom to rise and thrive. Freedom from the conditionings of the past. Freedom from the chains of oppression keeping people stuck in fear, guilt, shame, anger, and abuse.

Freedom for the self-imposed limits keeping us stuck in the same cycles of bullshit. Freedom from our stories and the false narratives running on repeat. Freedom from the wounds of seperation and self-sabotage.

 I stand for the love of life and beauty of creation. I stand for the one and I stand for the all to have the right to rise and thrive, supported, loved, and connected to the Earth and Heaven.

I stand for the Soul, and for the magic of creation ready and willing to be channeled through each one of us.

I stand for Nature and the blessings of life here on Earth.

I stand for dignity and liberty. I stand for love and the one Great Spirit that connects us all in the Divine Dance of Union we call life.



Be a Channel For the Divine

I stand for infinite and eternal flow of creation. From the Rivers to the Rains, the blood within our veins. To the heart that beats and the love that contracts and expands within the pulsating of each connecting breath.

I stand for the flow between spirit and matter. The flow between Heaven and Earth. The flow between our humanity and divinity.

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Be the Change

I stand for the Divine Right and potential that each one of us is here to create. I stand for the unique Soul paths that have come to Earth to inspire, heal, lead, create, and pave a new ways of being in relationship to all.

I stand for the dreams and desires yet to be manifested into the here and now. I stand for the evolution of creation in partnership with the Earth, the elements, and all of life as one unified life force weaving the way for a brighter future in harmony with Nature.


The time is Now!!!

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Michelle Arkesteijn

"This was a life-changing experience, and I will never forget it. 

Hannah is an amazing person and I’ve never experienced a yoga retreat where all classes and workshops fit together as a whole. This felt truly as a journey in every way. 

Right from the start up until the end Hannah was very personal in getting to know me and guide my journey. She took great interest in everything about me and that appeared to be amazing in the rest of the week (which felt like much longer) for some reason everything that happened in my life at the current moment seemed to fit seamlessly into the yoga experience. 

Every morning class was focused on a different chakra and I specifically loved this aspect. Her teachings really deepened my practice and gave me a lot of knowledge to continue learning. I feel like I learned a lot about yoga but more so about myself.

Hannah knows so much about yoga and so many more things and she inspired me on multiple levels. 

I participated in all three workshops and I loved it. At first it was totally not what I expected. But it was intense and awakened a lot of feelings. During the week I felt a lot of feelings and insights. Which I also needed a few days after to put them into place again. This was a life-changing experience, and I will never forget it. 

I would definitely recommend Hannah as a teacher. Because she knows how to guide you on your inner questions and journey. She has a lot of personal attention. 

During the week Hannah kept on checking in on us if there was anything we would like more of or perhaps change. So I can’t think of anything what would approve the experience.

It was better than I could possibly imagine. "


“No one is going to Shine Your Light For You!”

Hannah Donkersloot

Sourced By Soul

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