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February’s Full Moon in Virgo: Your Sacred Sovereign Self

February’s Full Moon is best seen this Friday night, peaking on Saturday the 27th at 3:19am EST in the Sign of Virgo. Virgo is a Mutable Earth Sign ruled by the Planet Mercury and symbolized by the Feminine Virgin or Divine Maiden.

Every month during the Moon’s Dance through the Sky, she positions herself directly in front of the Sun to fully reflect his light. Like a Great Cosmic Mirror, the Moon lights up the night, illuminating the Dark for all the world to see.

The Hermetic principle “As above so below” informs us that as the Moon shines light into the dark in the Heavenly realms above, there is a corresponding energy within us as well. The Moon is linked to our Mind, Emotions, Psyche, Intuitive, Feminine, Cyclical Nature. And so, every Full Moon we have an opportunity to reflect on what is, release what no longer serves, and reveal what is rising into the light.

This month, with the Full Moon in Virgo, we have an opportunity to get down to Earth and practical with how we want to show up in the world, embodied as our most authentic, radiant, soulful selves in service to the sacred. Now is the time to truly honor all form as a manifestation of the Divine.

This Full Moon in Virgo amplifies the energy to embody your Whole Self as Sacred and Sovereign.

Virgo the Virgin is the iconic Maiden, innocent and pure, radiant, and ripe, blossoming into herself. She is the Priestess who embodies the Divine and serves as a bridge between the worlds. She is a channel for the Goddess, a vessel to be filled by the Holy Spirit. She is the Divine Feminine who is whole. She needs no other to fulfill her. She is complete. She is sovereign. She is sacred. And She belongs to no other than herself.

Virgo is ruled by the Planet Mercury. Mercury represents the Spiritual Advisor to our inner King (Sun) and Queen (Moon.) Mercury corresponds to the Airy realms of our thoughts and intellect, how we discern, analyze, integrate, and create meaning from information. Mercury represents the ways in which we listen to our Soul’s language through the skills of attuning to our heart’s wisdom, our intuitive guidance, and innate knowing.

Mercury reminds us that psychic potential and spiritual insights are not designated to a select few, but available to us all. Through persistent spiritual practice, patience, and dedication to the path, the powers of your mind and inner vision can be cultivated as a channel for Spirit and Divine Wisdom to flow, flower and flourish here on the Earth plane.

As an Earth sign, Virgo energy is rooted in the material aspects of life, the physical tangible structures of form. Practical in her earthly magic to create, give birth, and solidify thoughts into form, dreams into substance, spirit into matter, Virgo asks us to examine the foundations of our lives as the container for our Soul’s growth and sustenance. What would it mean to know yourself as Sacred? What changes would you need to make to align with the truth of your Sovereignty? How would you show up? What energy would you need to embody?

Virgo rules the 6th house of daily tasks, mundane chores, and the everyday details that carve our character and construct our circumstances. It is said that are lives not the result of our circumstances, but rather the habits we choose to cultivate. This Virgo Full Moon asks us to question what habits have become a hinder to our overall health, wellness, clarity, focus and intent? What daily habits would better serve us instead? If you have become complacent, complaining, compromising your own truths, freedom and/or personal power now is the time to recalibrate, realign and recommit to you living your best life.

Now is the time to release old energy and habitual ways of thinking/speaking/behaving and create alternatives aligned with the greater truths and higher principles for ourselves and the world. Remember, circumstances are everchanging, but your essential nature is eternally Divine.

Use the energy of this Virgo Full Moon to fully embody your Sacred Sovereign Self. Claim this for yourself every step of the way, day by day, and watch the world transform.

All for Love, Hannah Donkersloot

Hannah Donkersloot is the Creatrix and Founder of NATURA Journeys & The Natural Mystic Arts. She offers Transformational Journeys and Mind, Body, Spirit Retreats for Empowered Living, Soul Growth and Spiritual Expansion.

Hannah teaches the Spiritual Arts and Sciences as a Visionary Artist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Energy Healer, Divine Feminine Priestess, ChakraDance Facilitator, and Transformational Life Coach.

Hannah lives in Costa Rica exploring the Roots and Wings of Soul, Consciousness as a Creative Force in the World, and the Natural Beauty and Abundance of Life.


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