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January's Full Moon in Leo: Calling on Courage

On January 28th at 2:17pm EST, the first Full Moon of 2021 shines in the constellation of Leo.

This Full Moon marks a potent time for everyone, a time in which our fears will need to be faced, our ego’s subsided, and where the Truth within our Heart’s will set us on the path of Majesty.

Leo is a Fire Sign ruled by the Sun emphasizing themes of the Heart such as purity, goodness, right use of power, love, loyalty, generosity, creativity, protection, individuality, brilliance, and authentic self-expression. As a fixed sign, Leo encourages us to step into the light, to take a stand, to be the leader of our own lives, to claim our power consistently, and remain loyal to the throne that is our Heart.

The Sun itself is seen as the Center of the Universe, the Source of Light, Life and Energy. The Sun correlates to the Divine Masculine and Father Archetype, the influence of protection, authority, strength and vigor. Here we see the energy of Fire that consistently creates and fuels the world. The Sun, Light of Life, shining every day for everyone, illuminates our own needs for individuality, respect, personal power, validation, and rightful rulership over the Wild Kingdom that dwells within our own hearts and minds.

This Full Moon in Leo will illuminate the Soul Self that is ready to emerge through you now. As you walk the path of courage, prepare to embrace the Lion within...

It is no accident that cultures around the world have looked to the Lion as a symbol of strength, power, courage, protection, healing, and nobility. With its wild, primal power, golden color and regal mane, the Lion embodies King and the Courage it takes to live by Way of the Heart.

This Full Moon in Leo amplifies what is needed now to rise into Royal Rulership devoted to what is right, good, and just for all, while living a life authentically aligned with your own Truth, Love, and Devotions. It takes courage. It takes strength, will, and clear purpose. It takes real power and responsibility. It takes a King.

Leo reminds us that we must overcome the ego’s need for recognition, admiration, or acceptance. We must not become egotistical, pompous, arrogant, lazy, or self-centered. Rather, we must be mindful of the power plays that exist in relationship with one another out of fear or insecurity. Leo asks us to know our own worth, might, and honor without having to prove or defend it.

Each one of us has our own destiny to fulfill and that can only happen when we have the courage to live our lives like a Lion. Learning to wear the Crown of Light, to Lead with Love, to fulfill your Soul’s Duty and Rise into the Truth of your own Dignity and Nobility, is both a birthright and responsibility.

Don’t back down.

With Lion Pride, Hannah Donkersloot

Hannah teaches the Spiritual Arts and Sciences as a Visionary Artist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Energy Healer, Divine Feminine Priestess, ChakraDance Facilitator, and Transformational Life Coach.

Hannah offers Transformational Journeys for Mind, Body, and Spirit. As a Spiritual Healer and Teacher, she empowers others to create Freedom, Flow, & Fulfillment for the Soul.

Hannah lives in Costa Rica exploring the Roots and Wings of Soul, Consciousness as a Creative Force in the World, and the Natural Beauty and Abundance of Life.


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