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Welcoming Change: The All Within

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

The last Full Moon of 2020 is December 29th, at 9:28pm CST.

This year started with a Full Moon eclipse in Cancer, and now ends on the same note, closing the eclipse portal we’ve just journeyed through with another Full Moon in Cancer.

As a water sign ruled by the Moon, Cancer is all about Home and connects us to our innermost world of emotions, feelings, and sense of belonging. With the Moon at Home in the sign of Cancer, we’re given the opportunity to reflect on our foundations for security, nurturing, comfort, and connections with those we love.

2020 has been a year that rocked our roots on every level. Individually and collectively, we have witnessed everything from the global pandemic shutting everything down, to mass upheaval against injustices, to old wounds of systemic flaws surfacing amidst chaos and confusion, to natural disasters of every kind raging out of control.

There has been great loss, and extraordinary acts of love, healing, compassion and togetherness. Despite the obvious hardship, this has been a year highlighting how connected we truly are. From the individual soul to the whole of creation, 2020 has shown us we are one with the all and our power lies in our ability to unite for the greater good.

With this Full Moon in Cancer, we are being asked to learn the lessons we have endured, overcome, and are still processing, so we can move forward into the New Year with the wisdom of both our individual and global experience.

Cancer asks us to flow with what is, to surrender to the changing currents, to feel all that we feel, to release the energy that’s ready to move through you. Cancer asks us to see our emotions as medicine, to listen deeply within and honor the depths of our feelings as much as the heights, to know our saltwater tears are purifying, cleansing, and essential.

Mother Moon reminds us that the Ocean lives and breathes within us, that we are not separate from the high and low tides, that we wax and wane with her sacred rhythms. She calls us home now, back to the Sanctuary of our Soul, in the living temple that is our body. She asks us to pay attention to all that’s shifting and stirring within. She speaks to us in the dreamtime, through mystical correspondences and life’s synchronicities.

What was concealed will be revealed, from darkness to light, she guides our insight. What is unknown, unclear, uncertain will emerge illuminated. Not by force, not through struggle, not through strain. Not by chance or mere coincidence. But through you as you learn to surrender to the flow that is your life. Through you as you release resistance to your most authentic self and soulful desires. Through you as you learn to live on purpose and with intention aligned to your greatest freedom, truth, and sovereign power. Through you as you learn that Home is wherever you find yourself, fully embodied as a Soul that came here to shine.

The powers that exist beyond us also exist within us. The Stars that light our way through the dark are seeded within as the Codes of Creation we were made to become. The more we learn to nurture our inner foundations and the connections that exist beyond what is seen and known, the more we flow with the Cosmic Intelligence that birthed the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Galaxies and All of Life.

The time is now to fully embrace all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you will ever be. For in this moment we are more than enough, worthy of unconditional love, complete healing, true forgiveness, deep pleasure, unlimited wealth, endless pleasure, expansive joy, wild freedom, radiant beauty, full support, divine blessings and the profound knowing that we all belong to the Great Mystery.

Beyond time, space and this moment, we are all part of the Universal Soul that is Love.

Believe in yourself. Be Grateful. Stay Open. Surrender. Trust. Flow.

Sourced By Soul, Hannah Donkersloot


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