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November's New Moon in Scorpio: Honoring the Dark

The New Moon in Scorpio is this Saturday, November 14th, 2020 at 9:08pm PDT. 

This is the third and final Super New Moon of the year, making it extra potent for needed endings and finalizing completions, before we journey forward into the beginning of Eclipse Season. 

Scorpio. A sign of Secrets, Power, Depth and Mystery...

Now is the time to Dive Deep within, Dance with our Shadows and embrace all that lies beneath the surface, hidden in the unconscious realms of our multi-layered existence.

As Ruler of the 8th House, Scorpio represents both Death and Rebirth. This is the Sign of Inner Alchemy and Soul Transformation. Here lies the Occult Wisdom of Healing, Growth, and Change.

Scorpio. Soulful. Mystical. Emotional. Perceptive. 

Scorpio. Intense. Instinctual. Powerful. Deep. 

Scorpio. Sensitive. Dark. Intimate. Mysterious. 

What is hidden beneath the surface beyond your understanding? 

What secrets have you been keeping? 

What power awaits to be transformed from darkness into light? 

What is ready to die? 

We often associate Death and Destruction as harmful or wrong. We have condemned Darkness and Death. We have made them evil. And yet, Night is not against the Day. Darkness is needed. Death is part of Life. 

We have judged the Dark for far too long. This must end. As Darkness is a Force of Nature embedded within our own Being.

If we are to learn to love ourselves completely, fully, and whole, we must stop fearing all that Scorpio represents; Darkness, Death and the Unknown. 

Change is needed now. But, before we go on, we must rid ourselves of the burdens we carry. We must clear the way for a new path to emerge.

All judgements, fears, and worry...

All victimization, false beliefs, and limited perspectives... 

All shame, blame, struggle and sacrifice...

All misuse and abuse of power, control and manipulation...

This has to end. 

When we consciously choose endings, we also choose beginnings. There is chaos is creation. There is death within rebirth. 

Now is the time to choose. What needs to die so that your Soul can rise up in power and thrive? 

What story needs to end so the new one can begin? 

What perspective needs to be destroyed so you can see clearly? 

As we connect with the depths of our own emotions and desires... 

As we accept the intensity beneath the surface and beyond our understandings...

As we embrace are own Darkness and Shadows...

We transform. 

We release so we can be renewed. We die so we can be born anew. 

Life after Death. This is the realm of Scorpio. 

Put your burdens to rest. 

Prepare yourself to journey deep.  

Do not fear the Power of the Dark. Do not fear the Unknown. For it is the Mystery. AS ARE YOU. 

With the Power of this New Moon in Scorpio to guide you, may you remember that completions are a vital part of every process. As you set your intentions for another lunar cycle, accept your power to create and to destroy. 

Choose with Love. 

For the good of All,


Hannah Donkersloot is the Creatress and Founder of Sourced By Soul, NATURA Journeys & The Natural Mystic Arts.

Hannah teaches the Spiritual Arts and Sciences as a Visionary Artist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Energy Healer, Divine Feminine Priestess, ChakraDance Facilitator, and Transformational Life Coach.

Hannah offers Transformational Journeys for Mind, Body, and Spirit. As a Spiritual Healer and Teacher, she empowers others to create Freedom, Flow, & Fulfillment for the Soul.  Hannah lives in Costa Rica exploring the Roots and Wings of Soul, Consciousness as a Creative Force in the World, and the Natural Beauty and Abundance of Life.

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