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New Moon in Virgo: Divine by Nature

Virgo New Moon Magic: Embodying High Priestess Power

The New Moon in Virgo is September 17th, 2020 at 5:00am CST.

This New Moon in Virgo heralds in the ending of Summer and the beginning of Harvest Season with Fall Equinox just around the corner on September 22nd. This New Moon in Virgo initiates a series of Super New Moons, being the first in a Trinity scheduled to occur monthly, ending with a Total Solar Eclipse climax in December to finish off the year!

A Super Moon occurs when the Moon reaches it's closest proximity to Earth during its monthly orbit. This Super New Moon Trinity will be on point for the remainder of the year, closing the distance between the intentions we create for ourselves and the manifestations that shall come to pass as a result. Now is the time to take action aligned with our Highest Visions and Soul Purpose for being here on Earth. In short, this New Moon in Virgo is a reminder of the age old adage that “we shall reap what we sow.”

Virgo is an Earth sign symbolized by the Virgin or Maiden archetype. Symbolically, she has been represented as the young woman holding a bundle of wheat in one hand and a fiery torch in the other. Ancient Greek and Roman Myths relate the sign of Virgo to Persephone the Daughter of Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest.

As legend has it, the beautiful spring maiden Persephone was abducted by Hades, God of the Underworld. When Demeter realized her daughter was missing, she created a great drought, causing the world to starve until the Gods demanded Hades release Persephone from the darkness. Hades agreed and the Garden of Life was renewed, but only on the condition that she return to him again every year, making her Queen of the Underworld known for eating the pomegranate seed symbolic of her Earthly descent.

Virgo's associations with the story of Persephone and her journey from Spring Maiden, into the depths of the Underworld to be Crowned Queen and back again, correlate to the ever changing cycles of life, death and rebirth. The maiden is symbolic of purity, innocence, fertility, and strength that comes from within. She is the seed of potential carrying the nourishment (food-wheat and fire-warmth) needed to sustain life though the long winter months.

The word “Virgin” traditionally described a woman who was whole, sovereign, “One unto Herself.” The unwed woman held her own, was self-reliant, hard-working, highly selective and incredibly discerning. Guided by common-sense and practical know how, Virgo represents the Feminine Energy that is down to Earth, aligned with Nature and the changing seasons, and knows what needs to be done to sustain health and reap the rewards from every harvest.

Like the Earth Mother Herself, wisdom of the plants and the Mysteries of Nature are crucial in the careful culling of the land for future harvests and sustainable growth. And the same is true in our own lives. Now is the time we must ask ourselves, what is to be kept? What is to be composted? What needs to be released? What seeds need tending? What fruits shall sustain us for the dark nights ahead?

Remember, each seed hold the potential for future harvests, just as every Maiden holds the Promise of New Life. The Triple Goddess Archetypes of Maiden, Mother, and Crone and their associations with the phases of the Moon (waxing, full, waning and new) are not separate from the Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) or the Cycles of Life (birth, life, death and rebirth.) Although this Virgo New Moon holds an emphasis on the Virgin, or Seed, each aspect exists within the whole. The wise woman lives within the girl as much as the girl lives within the wise woman.

Nothing is separate except through the lens of time. And now is the time to Embody the Power of the Whole, or All, within the One. This is the Power of the Priestess, the Virgin Queen, Whole unto Her- Self. Sacred. Sovereign Enlightened with the Gifts of Divine Embodiment. Wise in the Way of the Mysteries of Life, Death and Rebirth. A Chalice for the Light. A Well for Renewal. A Gateway for the Eternal. An Embodiment of Love in Service to the Earth.

The constellation of Virgo is ruled by the Planet Mercury, named after the Roman God of communication, divination, messages, commerce, financial gain, luck, travelers, boundaries, thieves, and the Souls Guide to the Underworld. In ancient Greek, we know him as Hermes, the Winged Messenger of the Gods, mediator between Human and the Divine, visible and invisible, Upper and Lower Worlds.

The Power of Mercury governs all types of communication, the intellectual mind, thought, mental activity and expression, the nervous system, and the in-flow and out-flow of both Earthly and Divine intelligence.

Hermes holds the Sacred Caduceus, a symbol still used by the medical world for its connections with healing, wisdom, magic, alchemy, enlightenment and immortality. This ancient symbol of two intertwining serpents rising up a staff crowned by wings and a glowing sphere held great significance to the Egyptian and Mithraic Mystery Schools and their initiates. The icon reveals the power of Spiritual Ascension, Soul Liberation, and Eternal Life.

The staff is symbolic of the Earth, the Tree of Life, and the Spinal Column, or nervous system. The two Serpents correlate to the Primal Nature of our Masculine and Feminine Energies, Fire and Water, Yin and Yang, or the Kundalini Life Force that must be balanced and merged for transmutation to occur. Their intertwining path rising up the staff reveals the Journey of Ascension, Uniting opposites, as they weave together the different energy systems within the Body, Mind, and Spirit. The Winged Sphere at the top heralds the Activation of One's Soul Star, Divine Embodiment, or Spiritual Enlightenment.

And this is what is available to us now within our own Lives and Soul Paths. We each carry the seeds of our own Divinity, our Soul's purpose for embodying at this pivotal time on Earth.

Each of these seeds holds a potential to Birth the Light we came here to Embody, the Light of our Soul. Each cycle is an opportunity to grow, to deepen, to release, and to renew.

Use the Power of this Virgo New Moon to guide you. Tend to yourself like a Spring Garden that holds the potential to feed and heal the world. Be receptive in mind, pure in thought, and wise in your discerning. Reclaim the Innocence and Sacredness of your Desires. Stay devoted to your inner work. Harvest the seeds of your Divine Potential. Reap the rewards of the fruits you bear. Continuously tend to the garden within.

We are the Earth, rich and fertile with the ability to create and birth our dreams. We are the Seed, filled with our own unique potentials that hold the capacity to grow, multiply and enrich the Garden of Life. We are the Maiden, the Virgin, and the Priestess....Holding the Whole, One with the All, Keepers of the Mysteries, Divine Women of Wisdom, Love, and Light. We are the Messengers, moving between the worlds, holding the boundaries of Sacred Space, expressing the Truth of our Wisdom in Service to the Health and Sustenance of the Earth and Humanity.

All for One & One for All,

Hannah Donkersloot

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