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New Moon in Aquarius: Be the Water Bearer

The New Moon in Aquarius is this Thursday, February 11th, 2021 at 12:05pm MST.

New Moons are the perfect time to start again, clear the air, set intentions and journey forward into new beginnings. With this New Moon in Aquarius, we are reminded that success towards any means or measure takes persistence, focus, discipline, and consistency.

Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is a Fixed Air Sign ruled by the Planet Saturn. Despite being symbolized by the iconic Water Bearer, pouring forth the flowing waters of life, Aquarius is unmoving, unwavering, firm in its foundations, rigid in structure, solid in its stance. As an Air sign, Aquarian energy relates to how we move in the world, how we take up space, how we express our thoughts, ideas, and ambitions. With Saturn as the ruling planet of Aquarius, we can expect life’s enduring lessons to come into play at this time reminding us that we are here to serve something beyond ourselves.

Saturn reminds us that long term commitment is never easy. The day-to-day mundane tasks of doing what needs to be done can be hard work, but patience, perseverance, responsibility, and realistic expectations will eventually lead to stable, long-term peace and prosperity. Saturn teaches that life is not always fun, exciting, or easy, but it is in the challenges and hard-won victories that the most growth happens.

This New Moon in Aquarius reminds us that we each have our own water to carry. Water is the essence of life. We each hold a responsibility in serving the whole and offering the water back to life in our own unique ways, whether literally or figuratively. Aquarius asks us now: how will you carry the water? How will you offer it to your land, to your people, to the world? How will you serve as a Water Bearer in devotion to the One and All?

The time is now to dust off any doubts, and rise strong, steady, and determined to serve as a Pillar of Strength in humble devotion to the whole. You are beyond worthy to offer the Waters of Life to a parched world in need of nurturing. Open and receive this Divine Flow with confidence, grace, and purpose, for you are a Chalice of Love and Light and your offering is a Holy Gift.

Take time under this New Moon in Aquarius to devote yourself to Life. Be the Water Bearer. Offer your unique essence back to the World. As we learn to serve with love for love we transform the world.

Blessed New Moon in Aquarius!

XOXO, Hannah

Hannah Donkersloot is the Creatrix and Founder of NATURA Journeys & The Natural Mystic Arts. She offers Transformational Journeys and Mind, Body, Spirit Retreats for Empowered Living, Soul Growth and Spiritual Expansion.

Hannah teaches the Spiritual Arts and Sciences as a Visionary Artist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Energy Healer, Divine Feminine Priestess, ChakraDance Facilitator, and Transformational Life Coach.

Hannah lives in Costa Rica exploring the Roots and Wings of Soul, Consciousness as a Creative Force in the World, and the Natural Beauty and Abundance of Life.

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