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Clear the Way for Magick: Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

The end is near! And thus, bright new beginnings!

The New Moon in Sagittarius is this Monday, December 14th 2020 at 8:17am PT. With this New Moon comes a Full Solar Eclipse, taking place between 5:33am and 10:53am PT.

A Wise Shaman once said, “The way we complete things is often much more important than how we begin them.” This Eclipse Portal is an opportunity to finish strong, release the past, cut the chords, and clear the way before beginning anew. Now is the time to create clean endings, free of old patterns, limiting thoughtforms, unhealthy attachments and negative influences, before moving forward into the expansive possibilities of a “Brand New Era.”

As the Sun, Moon, and Earth come into alignment with this New Moon and Full Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, we are being called to release the logic that limits are dreams. As the Celestial Centaur takes aim at our Wild Ideals, Highest Truths and the Great Adventure of our Soul’s Calling, fear not, for there is Magick in the Mythic that we cannot always explain or understand.

Eclipses cast shadows, conceal the light and create darkness. The Sun is our constant light in the sky and represents our conscious world, that which is known, the permanent fixed source of energy we depend on every day. The Sun signifies logic, reason, our will power, strength, ambition, penetration, daily drive and focus. The Moon, in comparison, reflects the everchanging and impermanent nature of things, and symbolizes the light in the dark, our intuition, the under currents of our emotions, the language and symbols of dreams, receptivity, release, and the unconscious realms of the unseen.

As the Sun and Moon align and the Eclipse shadows over the Earth, we have a powerful opportunity for transformation on all levels. As Solar and Lunar opposites unite, duality merges into one, not just in the Skies above, but within us as well. Now is the time to embrace our wholeness and oneness with the Cosmic Forces that guide the way.

Whether through Darkness, Light or Shadow, the Divine Mystery above orchestrates and influences that which lies below in imperceptible ways. We are creatures of Heaven and Earth and all that lies between. Mind, Body, and Spirit are one with the Source of Creation, woven by it and weaving within it.

Just on the heels of this Full Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Sagittarius, the two power planets Saturn and Jupiter will continue their cosmic orbit towards one another, uniting in the sign of Aquarius on December 21st, Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, heralding in a time of New Beginnings on a Cosmic Scale known as the Great Conjunction.

From our view here on Earth, the planetary giants Saturn and Jupiter appear to come together every twenty years as their respective orbits align. You can see them with the naked eye now, just after dark in the West. The last time these planets came this close together, nearly touching in the Night Sky, was 397 years ago. What makes this Great Conjunction special, however, is that these planets will unite in the Sign of Aquarius, an Air Sign, versus an Earth sign, which has been the case for all Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions since 1802.

What’s more, Jupiter and Saturn will now continue to conjunct in Tropical Air signs until 2159, hence the beginning of a “New Era” as we move from the denser energies of Earth and the material plane into the lightness and expansive qualities of Air. With this conjunction climaxing on December 21st, we are at a potent threshold for New Beginnings. You may feel the weight of the past release as old burdens shift with the changing winds. Allow yourself to be guided in new directions, with fresh intent and renewed enthusiasm. However, heed the wisdom and learn the lessons being taught by Jupiter and Saturn at this time.

Be mindful of keeping the balance between optimism and order, over-indulgence and self-control, discipline through devoted work and success through blind luck. Saturn relates to Karma and the lessons learned through hard work, determination, persistence, duties, boundaries, obligations and authority. Expansive Jupiter balances that sense of discipline and restraint with good luck, optimism, wealth, success, long distance travel, values, knowledge and higher learning through the Spirit World.

Now is the time to use the energy of this Cosmic Portal and allow the Winds of Change to uplift, inspire, and light a fire as you complete the past, release attachments to the material world, and claim your Spiritual Truth and the Freedom to live out your Greatest Destiny here on Earth.

On top of all that, we also have the Geminids Meteor Shower peaking on December 13th and 14th. The Heavens are literally dancing and alive! Look to the Sky and make your wishes known.

Clear the way for Magick! Live your Dreams!

New Moon, Eclipse, & Solstice Blessings.

Xoxo, Hannah Donkersloot


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