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Aries Activation

The fires of Aries ignite now, as today’s New Moon in Aries initiates us into new cycles of active manifestation. As a Fire sign ruled by Mars, Aries is an energizing force we can use to push ahead, moving through obstacles, and blaze our own trail into new beginnings towards ambitious goals.

Represented by the Ram, the sign of Aries is quick to initiate bold moves and take headstrong actions to rise. The power of this New Moon in Aries is available for all of us to move through the world with the steadfast, willful energy of the Ram.

Hold your Big Visions high and rise with the strength of the Ram as Aries spirals us into this New Lunar Cycle and a New Astrological Year!

Wishing the best of the best to us all as we co-create with the Cosmic and embody the Astrological Forces shining Light on Life and illuminating the way before us.

Love the Journey, Hannah

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